Spelling Worksheets

Learning to Spell

Spelling lessons can be used to teach an entire class or to teach a student one-to-one. In most cases, preview the lesson first. Then, do a spelling test for practice. After practice, have the students do the exercises, then take the real test. Follow the same instructions if your are teaching yourself.

Spelling Worksheets, Learning By the Rules

The lessons in this course serve three purposes.  First, they let the students practice the memory skills they have learned.  Second, the worksheets help students improve their spelling skills. Third, students learn to recognize words faster and increase their reading speed.
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Spelling Worksheets, Learning with Phonics
The lessons in this course are written in phonics. Study the correct spelling using the say-spell-say study method. Then associate it with the phonetic spelling. When you learn the spelling and association, take the test. The phonetic representation should be all you need to recognize the word and pronounce it correctly.
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Spelling Worksheets, The Practical Spelling Bee 

This course will help you become familiar with common words found in reading, social studies, and science.  For each spelling bee, students should study all of the words in each lesson. The teacher can randomly select 25 words (more or less) from each lesson for testing.

Lessons: 1     2     3     4     5     6     7     8     9     10     11     12     13     14     15

Before each lesson, teachers may review all of the words with the students making sure that each student can pronounce each word correctly. This is the first phase of the spelling bee. The second phase will be studying for the actual spelling bee test. 

Use the say-spell-say study method for studying each word: Study the word then look away or close your eyes. Say the word out loud and spell it; then say it again.  Keep doing this type of practice until you can spell each word correctly without looking at it. Then do a quick review of all the words to make sure you still remember how to spell them.  Do the same type of studying before the actual spelling test.

Note: The spelling bee can be used for individuals or a complete class. Teachers may have students work towards a score of 85 to 100 percent for each lesson. This way all of the students who meet the basic requirement can be grouped together as winners.

Teaching and Testing

Students who learn fast can be allowed to work by themselves and can be tested at any time. Teachers and students who study on their own may make adjustments in teaching, learning, and testing to suit their need. For instance, a fourth-grade teacher may choose to test only the common, shorter words.  A high school teacher may choose the longer more complicated word in the spelling bee.  In all cases, students will learn to recognize and pronounce the words correctly and improve their reading and vocabulary skills. To test, select 25 words randomly from the lesson and call them off to each student. Give them a score based on the 25 words. 

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