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English grammar exercises are provided here to help you learn English online.  Study a few grammar worksheets and you will will be learning English or ESL.  Apply the skills to spoken English and improve your vocabulary. Whether you are studying business English, English as a second language of just looking for English worksheets, you will find them here. Improve your spoken English grammar by using online tools for all English words. You can learn tenses in English as well as vocabulary skills, reading comprehension, spelling, and writing skills. [ Visit Our Free Reading Skills Development Center ] 
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EZ English Grammar W/Linear Diagramming

To get started, read the “Instructions” and "Linear diagramming" for an overview of the English lessons and what to expect while studying.

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English Grammar Exercises/Lessons

 Rules of Grammar Rules of Punctuation
 1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9 1           2          3          4
Exam Prep:Police Office, Fire Fighter, Nursing, PRAXIS, or Civil Service 

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Online Tools for Language Skills Development - Click Here!

Learn to Speak English with a YouTube Video: (Click Here)
Watch the video and listen very carefully to the speakers. Learn to pronounce the word correctly. Refer to the video as often as you like until you can pronounce each word the same as the speaker.

Success Stories and Comments

Welcome to our new website. We will continue to post comment from our old location until we get everything up and running here. Then we will take new comment, stories, and remarks from visitors.  This website is powered by Google, so we should experience fewer problems than we had at the other website.  In the meantime, if you would like to review and discuss what you learn, please visit our Study Group.

Success Story: As a teacher your video has helped me a lot to present a listening comprehension lesson to my students in Morocco.I've neglected all those archaological or religious diversisties but focused on intonation,vocabulary items and comprehension skills.Thanks a lot,   (Atlantis Video on YouTube: http://www.atlantiswasamerica.com/)
(Saidani, Morocco)

The people in my community come from all over India and speak many different languages. I believe that your website will help us communicate better if we can all learn to speak the common language of English. I see great potential for my people if we can use this website and others like it to learn to read, write, and speak better English…. It is very good for teaching the English vocabulary.
(Tamil, School Teacher, India)

Success Story:
Our learning center has one primary instructor and four assistants to help students with their English lessons. We started with five computers a few months ago, but now we have fifteen. Since the online lessons are free, we charge our students a small fee. After using your website to learn English, four of my students have joined me in setting up one-room learning centers in 17 other locations. We have arranged our ESL programs for students based on the their ability to pay. Some of them teach for us instead of paying cash. Some take training only once a month, but they still do well in class. This is a good
opportunity  for us to learn to read, write and speak better English.
(Pham Hung, Vietnam)

Success Story:
When I moved to Hawaii from the Philippines, it was very difficult to get a good paying job to pay my rent and feed my family. Everything is so expensive here. I had to work two and sometimes three jobs to make ends meet. After taking your courses, I found my full-time job. Now, after learning to write and read better English, I am a resident manager of a 45 unit apartment building and get free rent…. 

(David, Hawaii)

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